Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pinterest Obsessions of the Week!

I think everyone is obsessed with pinterest. Probably because there is no reading which is actually a little sad but some people can take such great pictures you feel like what your looking at is literally with you in the room! Then there are some pictures on pinterest I look at and think REALLY! I know a little mean. Ill stop now. Anyway here are my favorites this week!

The first picture is a roasted pepper, white bean quinoa burger. I LOVE quinoa so when I saw this I had to repin. I'll definitely have to try this recipe minus the bacon or give the bacon to the kiddos.
Here is link to the recipe

The second are key chains of your childrens drawing. I thought this was soooo adorable.  Another I'll have to order.  Just waiting for the right picture.
Link to order key chains

Lastly the quote. Life gets hard sometimes and quotes always lift me up and make me remember how good I have it. I try to appreciate what I have and what I don't. I try to not let people get to me that like to say negative words.  I think those are downer for everyone. Life is good and lots of fun when you only look at the good things.Hope it is for everyone eles too! xoxo

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