Monday, April 8, 2013

Monsanto, your food and agent orange

I was told by a few people I should do a post on this. I tried to sum this up as short as I could. I could probably write at least 10 pages on this.
                               I see many people now a days trying to eat healthy. Why wouldn't anyone want to at least try to eat healthy. The best quote I've heard has been " the food you eat can either be the safest most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. I agree with this completely. You are what you eat. Id rather be a fresh picked fruit or a halibut caught straight from the sea, not a bag of chips or even bread that takes months to disintegrate maybe even years. We have to worry about our food being treated with chemicals because companies want to produced food more rapidly or with less risk of dying ,making more money in their pockets. Monsanto Company, as I am sure everyone has heard of is a company doing this.
Monsanto Company is known for genetically modifying seeds. They are also known for the herbicide Roundup. The genetically modified seeds are able to tolerant herbicide. Yes herbicide the stuff that is meant to kill weeds. Plants SHOULD die from herbicides. It's a chemical. Nothing should tolerate it including humans. We can tolerate it according to the USDA and Monsanto. We don't die from it, right away anyway. 

                          Monsanto Company is the same company that made agent orange for the Vietnam War. Agent Orange was made of herbicide, defoliant and jet fuel. It was sprayed across Northern Vietnam to defoliate forest and deprive guerillas from cover.It was sprayed on farmland forcing farmers to migrate down south. Throughout the war there were different types of defoliants sprayed, they were all meant for one use, to destroy the land.  The concentration was 13 times more then the recommended dose for domestic use.The estimates of deaths from this spray were around 400,000 and around 500,000 babies were born with birth defects. Veterans who served in the war had many problems including high cancer rates. My father served during that time and now has throat cancer.

                                                  Babies born stillbirth from agent orange.
It's hard for me to believe in the long run GMO foods won't harm us. Yes the concentration of herbicide, defoliant were 13 times the amount suggested for domestic use but if I ate to much fruit
I don't think I'd have a baby born like this.

 Please feel free to comment anonymously any information I might find interesting. Also any information I have that is incorrect.

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