Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fresh juice

I love fresh juice. I rarely drink juice pre made unless it's freshly squeezed. There is such a big difference in taste to me. Fresh is always better, that goes for all food.
I made this juice with my ninja 1100. Not your regular juicer and a little more work. I used strawberries,  apples, cuties and kale. I cut everything normally in fourths. The cuties I peeled first then cut. The kale I tore the leaves off. I put everything in the blender and made sure it was as smooth as I could get it. After, I let it sit in a strainer. I feel bad sometimes straining all the pulp out because it's so good for you but the juice taste so refreshing without it.  Pour in a cup and you have some tasty fresh juice. Garnish the tops and perfection!
I'm debating on getting a juicer. I need some recommendations on good ones.

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