Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Raw Pineapple Coconut Oatmeal

I love raw oatmeal. I like making it in the morning because I like it with a little texture. Right when I get up I make it and let it sit for a couple hours. If you don't have time or like it more soft you can make it the night before. Raw food is always the best for you. Anything that isn't cooked above 120 degrees won't loose it's nutrients from the heat. If there is any food you don't have to cook or like raw I encourage you to eat it raw and fresh.
These pineapple I got are amazing. They are so sweet. I think they might be from Florida. They make me feel like I am in the tropics even with the snow here!

1 cup Oatmeal
Unsweetened Coconut Milk, just enought to cover oatmeal
Chia Seeds
Raw Cocoa
Coconut Flakes
Bee Pollen
Raw Honey

Place oatmeal in container with a teaspoon of chia seeds. Cover with coconut milk. Let sit at least a 2 hours. Top with rest of ingredients. Drizzle honey on top.

It's that easy!

 photo 01BC73B7716DAF968B14DF126EE4CCA8_zpsd25a3790.png  photo D1093A6DD68335F2043E08F94B839EA2_zps4d5ed7c1.png

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