Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pesto Tofu Salad

Healthy Food is fast food. When I prep food for a few days it is so easy is just throw a salad together. I'll wash and cut all my vegetables and fruit, you can see how I food prep HERE. My kids and husband love just going into the fridge and being able to grab pre cut fruit or vegetables. One of the reasons I think it's so easy to eat junk is because it is so easy to grab and eat. Chips are right there ready to go. If fruits and vegetables are right there ready to go it's a lot easy for us to eat healthy. A salad I put together in 5 minutes with the help of food prepping!

                              Pesto Tofu

Plain cut up tofu tossed with pre-made pesto from the grocery store. Lemon juice on top makes it really good. This is very healthy and the pesto make it taste amazing. Healthy food is good!

 photo 01BC73B7716DAF968B14DF126EE4CCA8_zpsd25a3790.png  photo D1093A6DD68335F2043E08F94B839EA2_zps4d5ed7c1.png