Thursday, September 4, 2014

Milk Substitutes

I have taken cows milk out of our diet for a while now and recommend it completely. Cows milk creates mucus which to me just sounds disgusting. Why on earth would I give my children something that creates mucus, something that makes them feel plugged up and congested??!!!! To me it's a no brainer. I can guarantee if your kids get sick or even yourself, if you take out the cows milk you will be sick a lot less longer and a cold won't seem so bad. Doctors have even told me when my kids are sick to take the cows milk out because it causes mucus. I just don't see why I would keep giving it to them even after their sick. Now if my husband will just hop on board with me it would be great!!! The kids still drink cows milk but its not very often and it's more of a treat. I would like to say goodbye to cows milk forever!
Some of my favorite non dairy milks are:

Pure coconut milk is my favorite but it is low in calcium so I go for Almond Coconut.It has more calcium then cows milk. If you are thinking you need the fat from the cows milk avocados and nuts are my favorite source of healthy fats. 
I have actually made mac and cheese with this milk and my kids didn't notice. 
I love cashew milk. Pure cashew milk is sooo good. My sister and I had it for the first time when I was in California getting smoothies at Nektar. She ended up making it homemade which was pretty easy. You basically soak cashews and blend them. If you lilke cashews and are thinking of taking cows milk out of your diet I would recommend cashew milk because it's super creamy and has more of the consistency of cows milk.

Hemp Milk is amazing too.

I always get unsweetened. You can sweetened it yourself.
Hope you switch!

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