Friday, June 20, 2014

Healthy Food Lately

Here are some of my healthy eats from the last week.
PHO! My kids and I love it. They ask for it atleast once a week. I make a big pot and put extra chicken in it so I can put on my salads, wraps, etc. We will eat pho atleast once a day for a few days and the kids NEVER get sick of it. I try not to eat a lot of noodles because processed carbohydrates tend to make me bloated. So I'll add a LOOSE cup of noodles to my bowl and I top it will tons of veggies. I love a lot of bean sprouts and basil. You can find my pho recipe here.
I eat a lot of salads. This salad is a great replacement for tacos. Just add lettuce for the tortillas. I used salsa as my dressing.
I have been doing a lot of fruit plates lately.  My kids get really excited when I decorate a plate like this. Summer fruit is the best to me especially when it is hot. It is always super sweet and taste the best.
Typical dinner for me is salmon with tomatoes and zucchini. Most of the time I won't eat rice but this night I did. I normally add quinoa to my white rice because it has no nutition value but I was out. I topped the rice with hemp seeds and a seaweed mix.

Remember there is a big difference between eating healthy and trying to get a flat stomach. You can be healthy and not be a twig. You can be skinny and not be healthy, this just means your portion control is small. There is a big misconception on being healthy and skinny and everyone should spread the word and be educated.

Have a great weekend
Laugh and Love