Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Healthy Food Prep

Im trying to post more healthy food prep post. It is my most popular post and I get views from pinterest on them everyday and also google has put me in their search engine in the last month with them being my top traffic from and google images. I really don't know how all these search engines and technology work so if you know or have a link I can read I would appreciate the knowledge?!! My blog is still small but growing and I just wanted to say thanks for reading ;) On to the post!!
I food prep every few days. It is always the same but I try to do different vegetables  so I don't get bored. I see a lot of food prep on pinterest of people making the same salad or meal for seven days. I look at it and just think, no wonder why people can't stick to clean eating because if I ate the same thing for seven days I would get very bored! Below I posted pictures of how I prep my food.  I do it this way so when I am ready to eat I can throw in whatever I feel like for the day. On top of the pictures below I still cook whatever protein whether it is steak, chicken, fish, etc and will put some veggies on the side.

Here I have steamed broccoli, bamboo, peas, carrots and corn, carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, vidalia onions, lemon wedges. I have romaine lettuce for quick wraps and red leaf lettuce for quick salads. For protein I have deli meat, turkey and roast beef (nitrate free is best) and black beans. I love fresh ginger and garlic. You can cut the ginger and garlic up but I prefer it freshly cut.
Food prep from another week. I really love the kids helping because they get use to prepping vegetables at a young age.
I love hummas wraps

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