Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Mom's Visit

My mom visited last week and although it was a short visit we had fun! If you have ever wondered why I have a passion for cooking and why I blog about food is it because my mom and how she raised us. Growing up we ALWAYS had home cooked meals. We never ate fast food and if we did it was very rare. Whenever my friends hear about my moms cooking or if they are around when she is cooking they always get excited and know it will be a GREAT meal. If I am even speaking to them on the phone and they know my moms around they will ask what she is cooking. I think everyone who knows my mom does this. She is an amazing cook.

Some pictures of our week.

My mom, Papa J and the boys

We went to Fort Macon a couple times while they visited. The boys ran around the fort and in and out of all the old rooms. They had fun and lots of laughs. They got a little educated too. Win Win!

PAPA J and Boomer

Brushing the Boys Hair

At the Asian Grocery Market. I didn't cook or prepare food for a whole week. I got spoiled and loved it!

Some of the food my mom made.

Shrimp Salad

Curry Tofu and Eggplant

Steamed Clams with lime and Cayenne 

Laugh and Love


  1. Looks like fun!:)

    Asian Grocery Market


    1. Yes I believe it's called Oriental Market ;)