Monday, February 17, 2014

My Life Lately

We had another ice storm last week. It was pure ice! I could hardly walk outside it was so slippery. We had fun staying home and lounging again :) It sure was beautiful too!

Being from California and thinking about wearing winter boots back there makes me laugh because I always got hot in them. It is definitely Ugg boot season for us over here on the East Coast and I don't get hot in them!!! :)

Pure Ice

My kids could paint for hours and hours. It gets sooo messy but they love it. Mykah was born a lefty and is naturally great at painting. He is super gentle and calm. Not that my other two aren't but everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and I try to tell them that all the time. I feel so bad when I say good job to one of them because I know the others get sad. So I always say good job to all really excited to boost their spirit!

A train set their dad brought home, because I need more toys to clean up!!

Are usual trip to Lowe's. We starting planting seeds which I will be doing a post on soon. I can't wait for my garden. Four more weeks til the last frost . I am counting down.

The weekend falling asleep on the bean bags.

Me running around doing errands. I love leather on cold days. Keeps me super warm :)

Laugh and Love


  1. Awww - adorable photos! Crazy about the ice - but looks like some quality family time! And loving your side braid! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Yes we had great family time. Thank you! xoxo