Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sneaking Veggies

I am notorious for sneaking in healthy foods for my kids. My oldest and youngest are really good veggie eaters but my middle one not so much. It drives me a little crazy but slowly I am getting him adapted. ;) He asked for carrots the other day and I think it's because he is getting use to the flavor, I always sneak them in his mac n cheese and he never notices at all. I won't stop at sneaking in health food, I am determined to raise healthy boys!
The one thing that I've learned from raising my three boys is that there is no such thing as kids food, atleast there shouldn't be. I feed my kids what I would eat now. I don't think mac and cheese and a cheeseburger and french fries should be kids food. There needs to be vegetables and fruit at all times. There is nothing worse then going out to eat and all they serve your kids is just the mac and cheese. (I normally have to order a side of vegetables). If you give your children a chance to eat good they will probably aquire a taste to vegetables and health foods and end up loving them.
Below I posted some pictures of ways I sneak healthy foods into my kids diet. Hope you try it and I hope the kids love it. Also, add a little a first then as they get use to it you can add more each time.

Below I added carrots to mac n cheese. I first boil the carrots for about 15 minutes then I add the noodles to the same pot. After I strain them I take the carrots out and mashed them in the pot. I add the cheese, milk and butter to the mashed carrots and mix well.  Then I add the noodles and top with extra cheese. The kids can never tell I put carrots in.
Here I made a simple quesadilla and added some hemp seed in the cheese. You can order hemp seeds here. 
Here I'll add any kind of green veggie I have. If you have picky eaters would start off with boiled spinach. I layer in on the bottom of the tacos and add chicken and cheese or whatever kind of taco you made.


Can you tell my kids LOVE cheese!

Laugh and Love

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