Sunday, July 28, 2013

Easy and Healthy Kids Breakfast

I am all for raw food diets. I think they are the best diet for you. They are a pretty strict diet to go by so for me I just try to incorporate as much raw food in my families diet as possible. Every meal I will always give my kids some kind of vegetable or fruit whether it's raw or not. I posted pictures of simple meals most people will eat but normally will never have fruits or vegetables with. This is the easiest way to start eating healthier. Just add a fruit or vegetable to whatever your eating. It's soo worth it because my kids don't get sick as much. Having a 1 year old that hasn't gotten sick in 6 months has been pretty nice :) Hopefully I haven't spoken too soon. 

When I start feeding my kids something new I don't tell them and add it in their food where they can't see it. Then slowly I incorporate it where they are use to the flavor and use to seeing it.

Bacon, broccoli, eggs and toast

Black Beans, eggs, cheese and spinach wrap with apples

Eggs, toast and blueberries

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal and Hempseed Pancakes with peaches

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