Thursday, June 27, 2013

Portion Control

For some of you asking here are pictures of some portions I'll eat. For all of you trying to loose weight, good for you but do it mainly to fight off diseases and be healthy! xoxo
When I say being healthy I really mean it with all my ♥. Last year my oldest son Akai started getting eczema all over his body. Scaly red and white itchy eczema. It was all over his cheeks, arms and back. I couldn't look at him without my heart dropping. I took him to THREE doctors and they all said the same thing, he was allergic to something and it could even be the sun. They told me he would have to take benadryl or claritin for the rest of his life. I said to myself there is no way I'm giving him medicine everyday like that. Not going to happen.So, I thought about eczema. It's clear that if you have eczema your skin is dry. I figured it needed moisturizing. So I decided to make him drink a 16 ounce bottle of water a day including a juice and milk if he wanted and I made sure I was consistant. After about a month of doing this it was completely gone. I still make him drink a bottle of water a day along with moisturizing it with coconut oil.No medicine for the rest of his life. He will sometimes still start to get his eczema and when I see it coming I know he needs to drink more water.

If you have any questions feel free to comment away. You can also email me on facebook if you are more comfortable.Link is at top of page. xoxo

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