Saturday, June 1, 2013

Christine's Closet

There is nothing I love more then buying super cheap clothes, anything for that matter. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes because I normally wear it a few times then get tired of it. There are some things though I have worn to death. Purses and bags are the only thing I will spend money on because they will last forever and you can buy a good one for $200-$400. I use to buy boots expensive but they normally get scratched and Ill wear them a handful of times. UGGS I will always buy, I love my feet comfy!
The picture below I bought the skirt on ebay for $10. Of course it is not the best quailty but who cares for $10, steal!! Also the skirt is from a China wholesaler which most of the stores you shop at, Papaya, Forever 21, etc are probably from the same companies they just put there tags on!
Earrings~second hand
Sandals~ burlington

Laugh and Love

Get a similar look below

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