Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mason Jars

I love these for so many reasons. My husband and I decided to stop using plastic containers and start using mason jars for everything. Not only do I like them for storing food but I use them for my cups, flower arrangements and candle holders. The list can go on and on. It is also a plus because instead of heating up plastic in the microwave you are heating up glass which is way better for you. They tend to get hot in the microwave so now Ill put the jar in a pot of water and heat it up. It takes longer but less use of the microwave is also better for you. Only certain mason jars can be frozen so I make sure to freeze sauces, etc in those. I love the way these organize in the refrigerator and freezer WAY more then plastic containers. Ill never go back to plastic containers. There dirt cheap too!

Below is homemade tomato sauce and mac n cheese my mother in law made going right in the freezer. A simple hydrangea and fresh juice.

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