Sunday, March 24, 2013

North Carolina Beauty

When people hear North Carolina they don't tend to picture beautiful beaches or ocean, atleast where I'm from originally, California. I just moved my family and I here and it is BEAUTIFUL! Here are just a few pictures I've captured.

                                  Emerald Isle is beautiful and a great place to vacation at. There are tons of great rentals right on the beach or if you prefer you could rent on the sound side where you could have a dock and a boat. Tons of restaurants and lots to do. Anything from fishing, crabbing, clamming,water parks, dining, yoga on the water, ferry rides or just lounging on the beach.

                                                       Some shells I found at the beach

                                        The bridge to Emerald Isle overlooking the sound.

                               You can burn anything in your backyard and this is our big Bon Fire!

Our sunset from our deck.Nature at it's best.

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